Customer retention and acquisition in this day and age requires a lot of hard work and time. We are here to help.

Our calling services enables focused connectivity with customers, helping you achieve:

  • Growth in sales using your existing customer base.
  • Goodwill with matrices for improvement, through Customer Feedback programs.
  • Validation with input for a new service or product through a Market Survey.
  • Lead Generation by targeted calling campaigns.

…and any other calling requirements.

makeAlead's "bill by the hour" structure gives you the freedom and flexibility to leverage our service as per your requirement.

We offer an attractive (all inclusive) call hour pricing starting from $15/per hour which is bundled with a web based interface for your review.

  • Articulate callers (Our callers are carefully selected and have experience in calling and articulate communication.)
  • Management & Audit (Our senior management monitors daily progress and regularly sample audit calls, to ensure the desired outcome is achieved.)
  • E-mail & FAX delivery of information.
  • Dashboard to monitor progress.
  • Analytics.
  • Alerts via e-mail.
  • History of call recordings, remarks and actions.

+ We pro-actively engage in communication with our clients, providing calling feedback.